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Stainless steel is a 100% recyclable, hygienic, resilient material

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Steel is one of the most utilized materials in the construction and engineering applications. Trying to list out the industry and applications may consume the entire length of the article. Therefore, let us safely admit that almost every construction and manufacturing activity, from cars to airplanes, from making nails to making ships etc. would use steel.

The popularity of steel is rising by the day and this can be attributed to the relentless efforts by researchers for lighter, stronger and more resistant variants of steel (3500+ already exist). Let’s explore the steel fabrication in general and the Steel Fabricators in Lilyfield, New South Wales (Australia), specifically.


How is steel used?

If an architect designs a building, he begins by focusing on the specifications, the design and other aspects of the building. It is upon the other construction experts to decide upon which material(s) to use.

Therefore, to be useable at the site, steel needs to be customized to match the exact dimensions and specifications required. This process of customizing steel so that it can be used on laid down specifications is called fabrication.

The word fabrication, as used in this context is closely related to the word “fabric”.

In simple terms, fabrication is a process whereby steel (or any other metal for that matter) is prepared for a custom fit so that it wraps around or fits around like a fabric.


How is Steel Fabricated?

Depending upon the intended usage, there are many processes which may be used to fabricate or shape steel. The process used may be one or a combination of, punching, welding, drilling, grinding, burning, cutting, burning, bending, etc.

Once the steel is shaped or fabricated, it is transported to the site where it will be used. Steel as a metal allows for tougher fabrication owing to the fact it is a very strong material, with the added advantage of lower power consumption (compared to other metals) and reusability. The reusability is due to the unique property of steel wherein it can be melted many times without losing its properties.


Lilyfield, New South Wales, Australia

Lilyfield is a suburb of Sydney. It is known to be a green suburb that sits by the waterfront. There is a general tendency where Sydney dwellers move towards the suburbs. This is evident from the number of visits home hosts, be it for rental or for purchase, as compared to the rest of New South Wales.

This rising demand for houses directly translates to demand more construction services and coupled with the fact that Lilyfield light rail depot site is also under renovation and expansion, there is no telling the extent to which the suburb is likely to develop. All these add up to a growing requirement for steel and steel fabricators. The demand is also fuelled by the fact that there are constant home, office and building renovation & improvement projects.


Steel Fabricators in Lilyfield

There are numerous Steel Fabricators in Lilyfield and in the larger New South Wales area. Projects using fabricated steel are supposed to survive for a long period of time and as such, it is important that an appropriate fabricator and/or contractor is chosen.

As fabrication is done in a special shop, you may want to pay a visit to be sure that they have all the necessary tools and equipment for shaping, cutting, welding, among other fabrication work. It is also important to have a discussion on the process, methodologies and quality control measures your Steel Fabricator in Lilyfield uses.

Bear in mind that working with steel is a dangerous task and injuries are not unheard of, so insist on checking that the fabricators are professionally trained & certified. Finally, checking references would also furnish valuable insight into the work ethics of the fabricator.

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