The benefits of manufacturing with steel in the construction sector have long been recognized by specifiers and designers. This is also demonstrated by a big leap in steel’s market share, which has risen by over 93 percent in the past 20 years for single-storey industrial buildings and by more than 64 percent for multi-story commercial buildings.

The sheer versatility of steel helps designers and architects in achieving most of their ambitious visions. Structural steel manufacturing is now a part of most malls, stadiums, and commercial developments; steel cladding systems now adon many landmark structures in Australia.

Hi-tech steel manufacturing has now provided one of the most sustainable construction materials. It’s durability and strength coupled with its inherent ability to be recycled, again and again without losing any of its qualities means, it is truly compatible with long term sustainable development.

Building owners in many parts of Sydney including Lilyfield, Balmain, Camperdown, Pyrmont, and Haberfield value the flexibility of steel buildings and the high value benefits they provide, such as open, light, airy spaces that can be created, making it best for reconfiguring, modernization, extending, reconfiguring or adapting to minimal disruption, and without any harmful and costly demolition and redevelopment.

Even without all these benefits, steel has emerged as a top choice on the basis of its cost alone. Many benefits of manufacturing with steel are applicable to all building types and sectors.

Let’s have a close look at some of the benefits of manufacturing with steel

Speed of Construction

It’s easy to erect steel structures speedily. The accuracy and predictability of steel components speeds up the entire process and allows all follow-on trades to complete their work sooner. This kind of approach saves lot of time. In fact, speed of construction is one of the main criteria why so many contractors prefer steel.

In some inner city projects, it’s very important to reduce disruption to nearby roads and buildings. Short construction periods with steel manufacturing saves on site preliminaries, early return on investment, and reduced interest charges.

In fact, you can easily save between 3-5 percent on time spent on the entire project, reducing requirement of working capital and improving your cash flow.

Cost Savings in a Highly Competitive Market

If you consider inflation, prices of steel have fallen since 1978 and are now cheaper than what it was 12 years ago. Considerable productivity advances have been achieved throughout steel supply chain and these cost saving benefits have been shared with customers.

Steel manufacturing utilizing prefabricated structural frame can easily reduce overall building costs by 3-5 percent when compared to reinforced concrete. The biggest guarantee for competitive pricing is large number of reputable steelwork contractors in Australia that can tender all types of projects. A competitive sector ensures that customer gets full value for money.

Long-Life Durability

Steel framing lasts much long, is easy and light to transport and can also withstand temperatures in excess of 1000C. It also maintains structural integrity, which means it will stay straight, true and safe under all circumstances.

Steel framed structures also do not decay or age quickly as other construction materials, and last longer before any refurbishment is required. Industrial buildings that can be easily adapted avoid environmentally harmful and costly demolition and redevelopment. Steel manufacturing also means inherent flexibility and adaptability to future extensions or changes as they can be carried out with minimal disruption or cost.

Design-Flexible and Strong

Steel’s inherent strength enables design flexibility – allowing much longer curves and spans to be easily incorporated into the functional design.

Safety and Health

Safety and health are key business drivers in construction. Offsite fabrication of key components and rapid on-site assembly makes the benefits of manufacturing with steel an attractive proposition to many industries and homeowners. Many surveys in the past have demonstrated that steel is also the safest material choice. This sector has now put in place many measures to ensure its continued excellent track record.


Due to exceptional resistance to corrosion, fire, and pests, steel framed structures are the first choice for extreme environmental conditions. Because there’s no need to treat steel with pesticides, glues or preservatives, it’s also safer for people living and or working around it

Steel framing also lasts longer, is easy and light to transport and has been proved its efficacy to withstand severe fires. It has a structural integrity that means it stays true, straight, and most importantly, safe

Earthquake Tested

The structural integrity of steel frame building has demonstrated in full-scale simulations that it can stay straight, and safe under these circumstances.

The benefits of manufacturing with steel for durability and safety are great. Innercity Steel is the number one steel supplier and steel manufacturer in inner Sydney. We are located in Lilyfield and service all metro CBD.  For small or large projects give us a call today!